Are You a Spiritual Orphan?

Are You a Spiritual Orphan?

  • Do you feel a strong intuition about future events?
  • Do your friends and family think it’s in your imagination
  • Do you have spiritual friends?
  • Do you cope with your spiritual senses?

Guidelines for Spiritual Survival

Spiritual orphans are primarily alone. Spirituality comes easy to you. Most family and friends do not notice the smell of flowers or see gray shadows in the night. Family and friends cannot understand spiritual activities. They make jokes, shrug away from your comments, call you a weirdo. Who can you share your dreams, visions, and spiritual senses? Most importantly, know that most spiritual people are sensitive emotionally. Be careful to share only with people who will seriously consider the spiritual realm a possibility.

Test the Person About Their Spirituality

Ask questions about what the person believes about the spiritual realm. Know that you cannot change another person’s mind on the subject. Do they believe in the spiritual? What type of spiritual experiences? Of course, the conversation should be conducive to the topic. 

Do not blurt out information about your spiritual experience when the conversation is about football.   Some people do not want to discuss the spiritual. The discussion scares them, or they consider it silly. 

The subject of spirituality should be honored and respected. Be sure to share your spirituality with a person who understands that you are sharing precious information from your heart.

Spiritual knowledge should be hidden in your heart.

Precious knowledge should be shared to people who will accept your comments with respect. For example, you have a gut instinct that something terrible will happen. Just hold on to the impression. You could say, “You know, I think you should be extra careful driving to work today.”  That is better than saying, “Hey, I had a dream you were in a car accident today.” 

 The second comment will probably scare the person. The event does not happen. Then you take a step down in both you and the person’s spiritual evaluation. 

When you receive a “Gut Instinct” about yourself, know that you should hide it in your heart. A warning of a “gut instinct” is not always time-sensitive. The sign could happen tomorrow or be months. Sometimes the instinct may not happen at all.

You are at a disadvantage in the Spiritual Realm

In addition, always know that you are at a disadvantage in the spiritual realm. Yes, you can experience the senses of spiritual smells and visions. Do not decide that the scent of roses is your loved one that is recently deceased. Be careful of assuming any spiritual sensations or identities. An attempt to communicate with a spirit is perilous. Demons are crafty and attempt to get you interested in impersonating a loved one.   

There is only one way to tell what type of spirit is approaching you–by its behavior. Angels may appear, but they do not want to establish a relationship with you. They deliver a message and then leave. Demons want communication. They want your time. The goal is to begin the possession process.  

Be careful of spiritual friends

 Most importantly, many spiritual people would love to train you to exercise your spiritual gift. Are you a spiritual orphan? Yes, and it can be lonely. These people are on a spiritual journey that is most likely following demons. How do I know this is true? I know because I have been down that road. The spiritual presences are deep and inviting. Spiritual people have discernment. Learn to use spiritual discernment. You have an instinct of fear or apprehension–Get Out Fast.

Are you a spiritual orphan? Yes, you have to protect yourself from others that can get you into spiritual trouble.

There are many people that exhibit activates demons love to exploit. Automatic handwriting, foretelling of the future, permitting a spirit to speak through their voice. These and many more are activities angels will never manifest any of the above activities.

How To Cope With Spirituality

 In conclusion, spiritual impressions are essential. Hide the information in your heart. Could the smell of roses be a loved one? The answer is probably “no.” The spiritual presence seems to feel good and might be your loved one. I  accept that it could be a loved one, but I never try to communicate. I just let it go.

Know that if you are a Christian, experts will tell you that the bible says the deceased cannot communicate in the earthly realm. Living human beings belong in the earthly realm. Any passage in the spiritual realm is dangerous.

The big question remains:  Why do some people have spiritual senses? Is it because the spiritual shows us that we are more than flesh, blood, and bone? Human beings are more than exist in this earthly realm. Sometimes the spiritual gives more questions than answers. 

Stay spiritually safe.

Gut instinct is available automatically and without notice. Gut instinct can happen at any time. An internal monitor that may give information you would rather not hear or give you good information. Either way gut instinct cannot be ignored. (A few links are comments from my web pages concerning spiritual sensitivity.)

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