Gut Instinct Is Spiritual and Personal

The spiritual realm comes easy to some people.  No teaching and instruction are necessary. Should you pursue spiritual; senses? 

  • Be careful how you tell people
  • Some people will assume that you are crazy because they do not believe the spiritual exists
  • Religion and Spiritual Movements have their teachings.
  • What is a gut instinct “hot button?

Gut Instinct can not be taught by a spiritual advisor

Gut Instinct is a strong feeling in your “gut.”  No matter how you try, it does not leave until the event has happened.

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Be Careful Who You Tell

This is a secret that came from your intuition.  Do not tell everyone what your gut instinct is about.  Some people will not understand and think you are silly or worse yet very weird or crazy.

Gut Instinct of special intuition is available automatically and without notice.  Gut instinct can happen at any time.  There is an internal monitor that can give information, good or bad.  Either way, gut instinct cannot be ignored.

Gut Instinct is a forceful spiritual force.  Expectedness covers your mind and soul.  You know that you know that something will happen.  Usually, it is hard to determine if the event is good or bad.

Other people call you silly or say it is your imagination.  They will argue that there is no such intuition.  No matter how many times the gut instinct proves to be true.


Gut Instinct should not be Developed

Of course, most people want to know about future occurrences in daily life. It is dangerous to develop gut intuition because the spirit realm is invisible and cannot be measured.  The spiritual danger is demons that are attempting to attach.  Demons can trick a person into thinking that gut instinct is being developed by making the instinct stronger.  Unfortunately, this is not your instinct, but the demon will put “future events in the person’s mind.” The demon is lying to the person.

Religion and Spiritual Movements have their unique teachings

Spiritual religions either deny or condemn natural gut instinct as “witchcraft.”  There are many Christians that state spiritual senses are demonic and Occult practices. Other religions, such as New Age Movement, encourage spiritual training. Please note many spiritualists will love to show you the spirit real for a fee.  Save your money and keep yourself safe spiritually.

Gut Instinct is not a gift

In conclusion, I have had gut instinct since I was a child.  Yes, it gives me caution to be careful.  I know something will happen, and intuition has never been wrong.  It makes me nervous most of the time until the happening materializes and stops the instinct.  I learn to live with it, but it is not a “gift.

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