Gut Instinct

gut instinct

Gut instinct is available automatically and without notice.  Gut instinct can happen at any time.  There is a internal monitor that may give information you would rather not hear or give you good information.  Either way gut instinct cannot be ignored. (A few links are comments from my web pages concerning spiritual sensitivity.)

Why Is Gut Instinct a Hot Button? Git instinct

Most people do believe that they have a gut instinct.  Sometimes, it is an in depth feeling that something is happening in the spiritual.  Expectedness covers our mind and soul.  We know that we know that something will happen.   Usually, the instinct does not tell if there are good or bad happenings. 

Other people call you silly or say it is your imagination.  There are some people that will argue that there is no such intuition.  No matter how many times it proves to be true.

On the contrary, others desire this instinct because they wonder if this might help them foretell the future.  The gift of intuition should not be cultivated or any type of  training. 

Of course, most people want to know about future occurances in daily life.  This is a dangerous spiritual curiosity.  The danger is in the fact that the spiritual realm is invisible and cannot be measured.  The warning is maybe spiritual danger (demons) are tricking and attempting to attach.  The is a large amount of spiritual danger that can lead anyone into the evil side of the spiritual realm.  


Religion and spiritual Movement have their teachings

There are many spiritual religions and beliefs that either deny and damn spirituality (comment from reader) and other religions such as the New  Age Movement encourages spiritual training.  There are many Christians that empathically state spiritual instinct is all demonic and Occult practices. 

Please note that there are many spiritualists who will love to show you the spirit realm for a fee.  Save your money and know that you are going to keep yourself safe spiritually.  

In conclusion, know that I do not consider gut instinct a gift to be developed.  Yes, it gives me caution to be careful.  I know something will happen and have never been wrong.  You cannot stop what will happen because you do not know the future.  Is gut instinct a gift?  Personally, I do not think so.  Most of the time it makes me anxious and edgy until the particular happening materializes and stops the instinct. 





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