Smells in the spirit realm

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Learn about demon behavior.  How Demons enter.  How a demon affects a person.

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Smells of the sprit realm changes the atmosphere.

Smells of the spirit realm can be detected easily by a spiritually sensitive person. The smell seems to comes out of nowhere. All of a sudden, the atmosphere changes as there is the smell that should not exist. For example, the smell of roses is strong. Where did this smell come from? No one else can smell the roses. Where did the smell come from? Why are you the only one who can smell the roses?
Spiritual sensitivity is the beginning of spiritual curiosity. How far do you want to reach into the spirit realm? Is it dangerous? Is it blissful? Are there advantages to operate in the spirit realm.

3 Smells of the Spirit Realm

Smell of Roses

Is this the smells of loved ones that visit shortly after physical death. Personally, I experienced the smell of roses shortly after my Dad died and much later after my mom died. I only experienced the smell once for each of them. Do I know the scent was my parents visiting me one last time? No way to verify but the scent of roses was totally unexpected. I smiled and thought the scent might have been a visitation. I will never know for sure and would not attempt to verify their identity. Only a pleasant scent-another smell from the spirit real, for about thirty seconds and then the scent was gone.
Other website creators have this experience and below are a few explanation for the scent of roses:
• Many Catholics believe scent of roses is associated with saints of the church. “The odor of roses and other smells have indeed been associated with certain saints. The histories of the saints shows that despite the lack of a natural explanation some saints give off a pleasant odor during life, in death and even after death. ”
• Other people think the unannounced smell of roses is just a myth. The power of suggestion leads people to believe they are smelling roses but they are not.
• Many psychics believe the smell of roses means an angel is present
• Others believe the sent of roses means demons are present during an exorcism or spiritual house cleaning. (I was an exorcist for 12 years and never experience the smell of roses in an exorcism.)

Smell of Death

The smell of death is a sharp smell. The scent is not pleasant or unpleasant. If you have ever experienced the smell of death then you will never forget that scent. If you do not know what the death smells like-go to a funeral home, hospice or nursing home. Take a deep breath and you might smell death depending on the degree of your spiritual sensitivity.
One day I enter my house with a bag of groceries. Immediately, I know the smell of death was present in my kitchen. I spoke firmly for death to GET OUT of my house. A few hours later we received a call that my mother-in-law passed away in her sleep. True story. How do I react to this experience? I know that I am a spiritual person and these experiences do not surprise me. I don’t like smelling death but I tell my family to be extra careful for a while.
Some people say the smell of death is rotten smelling. I never found that to be true but every one is different in the sensitivity.
Smell of perfume or cigarettes
Most people agree that these specific smells are spirits attempting to communicate with a spiritually sensitive person. Shortly after my mom died, I was at the doorway of my house. I could smell a strong scent of Oil of Olay bath soap. My mom used it for years. So, was that smell the spirit of my mom? Was the smell a spirit of a angel or demon? Honestly, I do not know.

Spiritual Realm Can Be Dangerous

In conclusion, the experience of these smells of the spiritual realm can be normal if you are spiritually sensitive. Exploring the smells in the spiritual realm can be dangerous because you are in a realm that you cannot use your physical senses to verify exactly who or what is attempting to contact you. Once as a teenager I explored the Ouija Board and the spirit I channeled almost killed me. Demons are out there and there are seductive, crafty, and they have the demon ability to impersonate anyone living or dead.
Spiritual sensitivity might be in your DNA. If so, you have the responsibility to yourself-to stay safe spiritually. My advise take these experiences as they come but do not pursue the spirits. The spirits see you and know you are spiritually sensitive with an open channel to communicate. They desire to communicate with you. Give you spiritual thrills and chills. Do not enter into this enticement. Eventually, most spirits will devour your time, your mind and your body. Stay safe, readers.

4 Responses

  1. Spiritually I’m covered in the blood of Jesus and protected by the power of the Holy Spirit. My mom Christian me as a 7 month old the Baptized me at 12, and a healthy child and teenager I knew to hold on to the word throughout the bumps of life. So why so many bumps..Well I always have dreams were it looks as though I’m standing back in observation mode as the action in the dream is taking place. Like watching TV. But I sense some one either watching the same episode standing either behind me or away to the side of me. My family members always behind my back said I have a poltergeist attached to me. As a child I would awake to my bed trembling/shaking and my covers being inched off of me. I would pray and fall back asleep. NOW in today’s situation I have something(s) smells, scratches on my body, -black floatie entities that, touching by several what appear to be incubus and succumbs. My nails are being clipped
    And something that feels like and hand with cheese s cloth placing a bird on my left side. And this is weird it’s more times people that appear as Latin decent. They always act as though they are entitled to my body. So I get ALOT of vibration to my feet and ankles and this weird sensation of l
    Strong hands holding me down but the energy feels nervous and weak. I rebuke it and awake. Read from the Bible or pray. ‘Monitoring Spirits”?Explain stains on my shirt as though a nasty little child slept on me. The tugging around my throat and ears, lots of trembling, watching, and something that feels like very small dirt particles. Bumps in the night..stench and lots of touching

    1. Hello, You you might have a demon around you. The only one that can determine that is an exorcist. Call some Charismatic churches in your area and ask it they have a deliverance team. In the mean time do not fear it and try to ignore it as much as you can. Find a few Scriptures in the New Testimate and memorize them. Make sure the scriptures are powerful to you and give you peace. Every time you feel attacked repeat the scriptures and rest in the words. Do not give up and do not fear. Demons get stronger with fear and any attention you give to them. God Bless You and keep you in His peace. Connie

  2. Demons can deliver an overpowering, to the point of gagging and choking, scent of something that is similar to an old lady perfume of the flowery kind. They can also deliver very localized smells of raw sewage. Also, the classic sulfuric smell. They do that all.

    States of Being smell as well and a discerning nose can smell the difference of whatever weapon the demon is pushing. States of Being that smell include hate, which smells something like burning garbage and rotting flesh; fear, which smells more like burning garbage and rotting plants; and sorrow, which smells like burning garbage with something sour mixed in. Sorrow’s sourness isn’t the kind one gets from candy, but that kind of sourness that comes rank body odor or certain foods that go bad in the fridge.

    Breaking it down further, even specific wickednesses have a smell. While those with sorrow walk around emitting a sour dumpster fire smell, so too do perverts and sexual deviants who carry an extra overpowering sourness to them. Those who are on the doorstep of being heavily addicted to dangerous drugs have more of a rotting scent to them.

    Beware of what you do, for smells deliver a sin fingerprint.

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