Seeing in the spirit realm

hearing ghosts

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Learn about demon behavior.  How Demons enter.  How a demon affects a person.

Seeing Images In the Spirit Realm

Seeing Images in the Spirit Realm Is Natural Occurrence

Seeing in the spirit realm is a natural activity if you are spiritually sensitive.  The spiritual images flash in you mind.  Many of the images do not linger. The spiritual sensitive person does nothing to in  to invite seeing in the spirt realm  There is no spiritual invitation to Communicate.  Examples of an invitation to communicate consists of channeling, meditation for spirit communication, consulting psychics or mediums.  The images just come and go leaving the spiritually sensitive to wonder if there is a reason for the image.  

The person is not unconscious or in a spiritual trance.  The experience is looking at an image or series of images in the mind.  The person can be interrupted at any time by another person or phone call or anything else.  It is similar to looking at a TV screen.

Spirit Realm Contains Both Good and Evil Spirits

Seeing in the spirit realm gives good or bad experiences.  The evil side of the spirit realm is demonic.  The demon real is the easiest to contact because it is the closest to the earthly realm.  Demons wait anxiously for an invitation to communicate.  They desire the opportunity to begin the process of possession.

When spiritual curiosity takes hold, remember that pursuing the spiritual realm can be risky and dangerous.  Why? You cannot verify which realm you will enter.  The good spiritual realm is for the angels of God to reach out to people for the purposed of God.  The angels will contact you only to deliver a message. Angels do not stay after the message is given and do not hold long conversations with you.

In contrast, the demons will communicate with the person that summons them.  Demons will stay and communicate 24/7.  If you tell them to leave, they will not.

Seeing In the Spirit Realm Examples

 I saw an angel while attending a church service. The minister told the congregation to introduce ourselves to each other  I saw a man dressed in black slacks. He had a black t-shirt with a large white Christian cross in the center. 
The angel was perfect.  His body was solid, his face has no wrinkles or blemishes.  He looks at me with a serious look of concern and compassion.  His eyes were piercing my soul. I extended my hand for a handshake and feel like I was moving to the center of the room.  I felt like I had been awakened from a spiritual state.  When I looked for the angel, he was gone.  None of my friends recall seeing him.
The purpose of that angelic visit was to tell me that very diffiult like crist is coming to me.  A few weeks after that, I found out that my husband was terminally ill.

Seeing In the Demonic Realm

Richard sees a demon during his exorcism.  “I feel the demon demon leave me.  I wake up to fel a great presence leave.  Little did I know my daughter who is sleeping on the floor also wakes upd and sees a black cloudd over me.  The black cloud leaves through the ceiling.

In Conclusion, do not be spiritually naïve.  Stay Spiritually Safe.




5 Responses

  1. Hello I’m Tim.

    I was on the couch
    and woke up with a searing,
    piercing and drilling in my forehead.
    In the centre of my forehead.
    I felt burning behind my ears,
    in my sleepy state I presumed I had put a lit cigarette
    behind my ear the way one would do with a pen.
    My feet were burning,
    oh man I must have dropped a lit cigarette onto my foot as well!

    I looked up and saw a shadowy mass standing in the living room.

    It floated.
    A figure in wind blown robes.
    Red-eyes that glowed.

    I had the instinct it was letting me look at it.
    I had the distinct impression that I had infuriated it.

    It disappeared.
    I sat.
    It waited.
    Eventually…I blinked.

    My eyes blinked sleep….
    as soon as,
    and I do mean as soon as,
    my top eyelid glanced upon my bottom eyelid…

    Imagine you are in a spacesuit.
    Something runs at you and slams face first into your visor.
    The shock visible as a flash.

    Running THRU the shield had been the intent.

    Like a goldfish peering out of its bowl into the eyes of a hungry predator,
    I got perfectly good close up.

    The impossibly symmetrical eyes glowed fire.

    It was pissed off about those tendrils. That had hurt.

    Anyway, I really liked the article.

    1. God did not create demons. God created angels with a choice of following Him or following their own ways (following Satan). Angels picked God and demons Satan. According to the bible. Some people believe they are spirits of dead people who wander the earth searching for a human body to inhabit. Some people believe that they are ghosts. I do know one absolute thing about them. They are evil and that is really all I need to know to stay away from them.

  2. I did experience seeing an angel and after that I’ve been seeing signs. It was 10 or more yrs ago, I can’t remember… I was sleeping in the sleeping quarters at work. It’s all dark, lights in our office sleeping quarter is always off, While I was sleeping I heard a voice calling my name, I can’t remember how many times. I opened my eyes and I saw a bright white light with wings spread out, 2 hands holding my feet. I can hardly see the face but I can see the eyes, nose and lips smiling. I closed my eyes coz I thought it was just a dream. When I opened my eyes again it’s still there. I asked him/her “who are you?” he/she didn’t answer and just fade away right before my eyes.. after that I went to my supervisor and office mates right away coz I got scared and asked them if there’s a ghost in the office. They said no. I don’t know I only told this story to my brother he’s a believer too. After that I’ve been seeing signs from time to time. I always pray and reading the bible since I was a kid. But I’m not a good person, I’m a sinner. I want to know if there are people like me who feel connected to deeply connected to God and seeing signs, miracles, and people connected to the spiritual realm. It’s hard to open up this topic to someone who hasn’t experienced this kind of thing and especially in this generation where it’s more of a science and technology. I’m glad I found your site and I’ll be checking this form time to time. Thanks for letting me share… I have a lot to share.

    1. I am not sure what spirit you are seeing. Keep in mind an angel gives a message from God. A demon will just try to get you to communicate with it. Don’t communicate because it is a demon.
      Hey, no one is really a good person. Jesus died so that His blood will cover our sins. Confess and try to do better. If you sin, He will forgive you. Never think that He will not forgive you. Keep reading the Bible and attend a church. Pray that you will find a church that gives you peace and will help you.

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