Seeing In the Spiritual Realm-Unexpected Images

seeing in the spiritual realm


Seeing in the spiritual realm is a natural activity if you are spiritually sensitive.  The spiritual images flash into your mind .  Many of the images do not linger but a few images tell a story.  Spiritual images may co-mingle with reality images to tell the story. 

The spiritually sensitive person does nothing to invite seeing in the spiritual realm.  There is no spiritual invitation to communicate.  Examples of an invitation to communicate consists of channeling, meditation for spirit communication, consulting psychics or mediums.  The images just come and go leaving the spiritually sensitive to wonder if there is a reason for the image or if the image is an accidental glimpse into the spirit realm that happens sometimes.

During the span of time in seeing in the spiritual realm, the person is not unconscious or in a spiritual trance.  The experience is just looking at an image or series of images.  The person can be interrupted at any time by another person or phone call or anything else because all the person is doing is seeing images like on a TV screen.  Consciousness is not usually altered.

Spiritual realm contains both good and evil spirits 

Seeing in the spiritual realm gives experiences that are either on the good or evil sides of the realm.  The evil side of the spiritual realm is the demonic realm.  The demonic realm is the easiest to contact.  The demon realm is closest to the earthly realm.  Demons are waiting anxiously for an invitation to communicate.  They desire the opportunity to begin the process of possession. 

When spiritual curiosity takes hold, remember to actively pursuing the spiritual realm can be risky and dangerous.  Why?  You cannot verify which realm you will enter.  The good spiritual realm is for the angels of God to reach out to people for the purposes of God.  The angels contact you-only to deliver a message.  In contrast, the demons will communicate with whomever gives the invitation.  They will impersonate good but their goal is to possess the person’s body, soul and mind.  


seeing in the spiritual realmSeeing in the spiritual realm examples

Seeing a Good Angel

I saw an angel while attending a church service.  The minister told the congregation to introduce ourselves to each other.  I saw a man dressed in black.  He had a black t-shirt with a large white Christian cross in the center.  The angel was perfect.  He had clothing that fit him perfectly.  His body is solid, his face has no wrinkles or blemishes.  He looks at me with a serious look of concern and compassion.  His eyes are piercing my soul.  I extend my hand for a handshake and feel like I was moving to the center of the room.  I feel like I had been awakened from a spiritual state.  When I look for the angel, he was gone.  None of my friends recall seeing him.

The purpose of that angelic visit was to communicate to me that very difficult life experiences are coming to me.  A few weeks later it is discovered that my husband had terminal lung cancer.  I am my husband’s caregiver for two years and I often thought about that angel that starring at me with such compassion and concern.  The angel never said a word to me but I know he is there to comfort me.


Vision of a Moving Lamp and the Wind

A few days after my dad passed away, I heard a loud “boom”.  There is a large hanging ceiling lamp in the bedroom.  I see the lamp swinging back and forth at an even rate.  The bedroom window is open but there is no wind coming through the window.  I say “Dad, is that you?  Show me if this is you.”  The lamp stops swinging and I feel a strong burst of wind come into the room.  The wind touches my check and speedily gusts out of the window.

That is an example of feeling, seeing an object move, and hearing the wind.   I did nothing to bring the vision-seeing in the spiritual realm just happens.  Is  this spiritual experience my father telling me he is OK-I’d like to think so.  I will not attempt to pursue this further because then I open myself up to possible entrance into the demonic spiritual realm. 


Seeing In the Demonic Realm

Seeing in the demonic realm usually can as easy as working the Ouija Board.  The demonic needs an invitation to communicate by using channeling activities.  Once the demon receives the invitation, it is happy to give demonic images to the mind.  How do I know there is a demonic realm?  I experienced the demonic realm for four years after working the Ouija Board when I was a teenager.  I am spiritually curious and sensitive and wanted to know about the spirit realm.  Unfortunately, even though I was spiritually sensitive, I was spiritually naïve. 


Richard sees the demon that he invited for communication

I tried as hard as I could to cast off the spirit and succeeded in getting it out of me.  I saw a shimmering black shape, as black as any void you could imagine, hovering just behind me, almost laughing.


Lori sees her generational demon that intensifies Schizophrenia

I feel the demons leave me.  One night I wake up to feel a great presence leave.  Little did I know my daughter who is sleeping on the floor, also wakes up and sees a black cloud over me.  The black cloud leaves through the ceiling.


In conclusion, do not be spiritual naïve.  Stay safe, readers.

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1 thought on “Seeing In the Spiritual Realm-Unexpected Images

  1. Hello I’m Tim.

    I was on the couch
    and woke up with a searing,
    piercing and drilling in my forehead.
    In the centre of my forehead.
    I felt burning behind my ears,
    in my sleepy state I presumed I had put a lit cigarette
    behind my ear the way one would do with a pen.
    My feet were burning,
    oh man I must have dropped a lit cigarette onto my foot as well!

    I looked up and saw a shadowy mass standing in the living room.

    It floated.
    A figure in wind blown robes.
    Red-eyes that glowed.

    I had the instinct it was letting me look at it.
    I had the distinct impression that I had infuriated it.

    It disappeared.
    I sat.
    It waited.
    Eventually…I blinked.

    My eyes blinked sleep….
    as soon as,
    and I do mean as soon as,
    my top eyelid glanced upon my bottom eyelid…

    Imagine you are in a spacesuit.
    Something runs at you and slams face first into your visor.
    The shock visible as a flash.

    Running THRU the shield had been the intent.

    Like a goldfish peering out of its bowl into the eyes of a hungry predator,
    I got perfectly good close up.

    The impossibly symmetrical eyes glowed fire.

    It was pissed off about those tendrils. That had hurt.

    Anyway, I really liked the article.

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