Spiritual Sensitivity Test

Spiritual Sensitivity Test

1. Do you sense when spirits are near you?
2. Do you have a gut instinct about danger coming to you or your family?
3. Have you ever seen black shadows or forms?
4. Have you sensed an evil presence when visiting an unfamiliar place?
5. Are you tempted to explore the spiritual realm to discover more information?
6. Do you see orbs of light surrounding a person?
7. Can you smell spiritual smells like cigarettes, perfume, or even death?
8. Do you hear noises in unfamiliar places and know spiritual activity.
9. Can sometimes you sense a dark, heavy presence when entering a room?
10. Have you ever seen angels in the middle of a life crisis?
11. Do you sense possible danger for you or a family member?
12. Do you have a sharp sense that something good or bad will happen?
13. Do you like quiet surroundings?
14. Are your dreams periodically about communicating with deceased family members?
15. Do other people recognize you as a person who can sense the spiritual realm? (Even though you do not try to be openly spiritual with other people.)

If your answer to most of the above questions is “yes.” The more questions that have a “yes” answer will somewhat measure your natural amount of spiritual sensitivity. Spiritual sensitivity needs to be protected and not be displayed or misused in any way. You are a unique person with unique responsibilities to yourself and other people.

Spiritual Responsibilities to Yourself

Most relevant, the top spiritual responsibility is to yourself-stay spiritually safe. Can you examine the spiritual? Should you go on spiritual adventures? Do you owe it to yourself to strengthen your “spiritual gift”? The answer to all these questions is “no.” Why not? Spiritually sensitive people are more of an open spiritual channel for spirits to move in and out. You can quickly contact the spirits in the spiritual realm. The spirits will happily answer you. They will travel through your open spiritual channel and give you spiritual adventures and “spiritual knowledge.” You have no idea if their knowledge is the truth. You are traveling blind in a spiritual realm. You are in spiritual danger.
There are different spiritual realms. The realm closest to the earthly realm is the demonic realm. I know because I experienced this realm by working the Ouija Board when alone. I summoned a spirit that pretended to be my protector and ended up getting demon-possessed. Hey, I wanted to know if the spiritual realm is real. I had the false assumption that all spirits are good. Do not ever assume all spirits you can contact are good. My True Story My website aboutdemons.com will give you information on demonic behavior and how others got trapped in the demonic realm.

Spiritual Responsibility to Others

Do not discuss your spiritual sensitivity to people you do not know or trust. Spiritual sensitivity does not make you a person that can lead others in the spiritual realm. If people follow you into a spiritual realm, you place them and yourself in spiritual danger. You cannot teach or train spiritual sensitivity. If a person attempts to force communication with the spirits-they will find themselves with demons. Do not be responsible for that severe spiritual mistake.

The Spiritual Realm of Angels

Angels exist in a higher spiritual realm, the demons. There are numerous angel pages and angel stories on the internet. The good angels do co-mingle with people to give a message, protect or help in a time of need. These angels are not contacted by the Angel Board or channeling. They do not hold long conversations with people and stay with a person for years or even a lifetime.
Angels can appear in human form, have wings, or have no wings. Good angels are defined by their behavior. The angels always come unexpectedly and cannot be summoned by a human being.
In conclusion, the responsibility for spiritual sensitivity is of utmost concern. Sensitivity is part of a person’s nature for their use and protection. Guard the spiritual sensitivity in you. Learn to discern between the good and evil spirits as the quality of your life depends on that discernment.

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