Spiritual Sensitivity

How to Cope with walking in the Spiritual Realm

hearing ghosts

Spiritual Sensitivity Can Not be taught.

Seeing In the Spirit Realm

Seeing dark shadows in the night and feeling a presence near you.  Can to prove this to anyone?  No, it’s only spiritual sight.  No one else can see anything.

Door slams in the middle of the night.  Hear rattling noises when no one is there.

Hearing In the Spirit Realm

About Me

I am spiritually sensitive and that sensitivity lead me to experimenting with a Ouija Board.  This was a huge mistake.

I contacted a demon that tried to possess my body and soul. I was fortunate to get free of the demon.

After many years, I became a lead exorcist with a ministry for about twelve years.

Both experiences showed me that the spiritual realm is dangerous if pursued. 

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Connie Marie

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