About Me

  Hello Everyone,

My name is Connie Williams.  My website spiritualcuriosity.net is the newest site written about the spiritual realm.  This site explores the spiritual curiosity about the spiritual realm.  How the spiritual can enhance your life.  

I have been spiritually curious from childhood.  I always believed that God is real.  God was more of an intellectual belief.  I never attended church.    One summer while waiting to at enter my first year of college, I decided to try a Ouija Board.  I was a little afraid of the board but my spiritual curiosity was stronger than my fear.  After some practice with working the board with a friend, I tried working the board alone.  Yes, I could easily work the board alone.  

As a result of working the board, I summoned a demon and became possessed.  The demon never took total control of me and I fought back to regain my spiritual freedom.  I cried out to the God of my childhood, Jesus Christ, and screamed for His help.  After four years of spiritual battle, the demon was cast out.  My True Story

As a spiritually sensitive person, my websites to warn that demons are real and God and His angels are real.  I made many spiritual mistakes and do not want anyone to follow my footsteps into the entrance of hell.

I am a Christian now and have been a exorcist and deliverance minister for about 12 years.  My prayer is that you stay safe and protected.

Connie Williams